Watch: Jennifer Lawrence Triumphantly Imitates Cher


Last night at San Diego Comic-Con, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth appeared on Conan (which is shooting on location through the weekend at Comic-Con), and Lawrence did something we all do, but rarely publicize: a Cher impersonation.

The moment of guttural “belief in life after love” (even her Cher-imitating song choice is like everyone else’s! So relatable!) came about after Conan began to ask Lawrence about her hit single, the remixed version of “The Hangin’ Tree” from the last Hunger Games movie. Lawrence had previously stated that having to sing was somewhat horrific for her, and was expectedly self-deprecating when Conan brought it up. She said, through vivid onomatopoeia, that she could have vocally farted “The Hunger Games” and it would have been a hit single. This then led Hutcherson and Hemsworth to goad her into doing the one type of singing she does enjoy: the Cher impression. Watch it below: