Bill Hader, Now a Leading Man, Has Transformed into Jon Hamm


Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck comes out July 17, and the comedian is doing the press rounds, alongside her co-star, Bill Hader. In the film, Hader plays the romantic lead, a far cry from his typical semi-creepy character roles or even his morose, failed actor character in The Skeleton Twins. Though in the interview, Schumer and Hader claim that his new Hollywood identity hasn’t changed him in any way, it’s hard not to notice that he looks a little more like quintessential-male-object-of-the-last-decade’s-desires, Jon Hamm, than usual.

In fact, Hader has changed so thoroughly that he can no longer pronounce the name of his iconic, nocturnal hedonist, Stefan, and his characterization is notably rusty: Stefan seems all but lost given Hader’s newfangled leading mannishness. And because of these changes, a sexual tension has burgeoned between the co-stars that, in the video, leads the sexy new “Bill Hader” to “poop.”