This, People, Is Drake as Miley Cyrus; He’s Also Obama, Justin Bieber, Oprah and Kanye in His “Energy” Video


The supposed casting call that piqued curiosity about Drake’s “Energy” video (the first from If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late) didn’t even begin to detail the magnificent absurdity that it turned out to be. The video, directed by Fleur and Manu, reveals a series of iconic characters… who you soon realize all bear Drake-like features, and are in fact manipulated images of Drake as, well, whoever the hell he wants to be.So, if you ever wondered what it’d look like if Drake and Justin Bieber (or Oprah… or Benjamin Franklin) reproduced, you’re surely in for a treat: throughout the course of the video, Drake impersonates the above-mentioned figures, as well as Miley Cyrus, Tom Cruise, Kanye, the Queen of England, and uncountable others.

Watch it at Apple Music. Meanwhile, scroll through a selection of top-tier Drakes:

Obama Drake

Doll Drake

Queen Drake

Kanye Drake

Regular Drake

Miley Drake

Bieber Drake

Benjamin Drake

Oprah Drake