Untraditional Offices in the Great Outdoors


You’re not the type of person who adheres to the “norms” of the world, so why are you still working in a traditional office? Studies show that being outside is good for our health. Since many people spend eight hours a day or more at an office, shouldn’t it be one that’s less stressy? We’ve compiled a few of our favorite outdoor offices that have ditched the standard cubicle walls for a woodsy view.

Imagine the views from all sides when working from Spanish architecture firm Selgas Cano’s curvy, well-lit office that looks like it grew in the woods. No need for a SAD lamp here as one long pane of glass acts as a window and skylight.

The tetra shed is a modular office building system designed with architectural innovation and pleasure in mind.

Work in the woods, amongst the same trees used to build your office. Architecture firm Invisible Studio used untreated and unseasoned logs to create this elevated studio, accessible via plank bridge. “No one who worked on the project had constructed a building before. The project was an exercise in establishing a system of building that could be constructed by unskilled labour, with minimal drawings, allowing ad hoc discoveries and improvisation to be embraced, and the tyranny of predetermined design to be escaped. The ‘mistakes’ of the unskilled team remain evident in the building, and no attempt was made to conceal them.”

The Banyan Treehouse from Rockefeller Partners Architects was designed to look like a modern treehouse, perched on top of steel pylons, built around an existing tree. The office overlooks downtown Los Angeles, but residents stay connected to nature thanks to a glass cut-out in the floor.

Sett Studio’s modular office is energy efficient, beautifully designed, and fits perfectly in your backyard. You can keep it simple with bamboo flooring and other standard finishes, or upgrade to install an AC and heating system, solar kit, clay interior walls, and more.

The OfficePOD can be installed indoors, but we prefer to think of it sitting in the garden or a woodsy field. Using the POD resulted in a 63% reduction in CO2 emissions when moving from a traditional office, according to the company’s CO2 research.

Sit, stand, or knee wherever you damn well please.

The ArchiPOD Garden Office’s timber construction makes it right at home in a natural setting, but the interior of the pod is contemporary and streamlined. The roof dome offers tons of natural light for all your typing and filing needs.

While Republicans in Wisconsin are trying to legalize seven-day workweeks, Amsterdam’s office workers are shuffling paperwork in the woods. “The inspiration to create this comes from a longing to be more deeply connected to nature,” explains KantoorKaravaan founder Tom van de Beek. “We created a mobile version of off-the-grid work and meeting spaces,” van de Beek told Fast Company. “This way we can move from one place to another and find the best ‘wilderness’ spots around to stay for a couple of weeks before heading out to the next pristine natural hot spot. Without leaving a trace, of course.” The mobile, micro offices come with perks like wi-fi and solar-powered coffeemakers for all-nighters (around a fire, hopefully).