New ‘Hannibal’ Trailer Reveals the Terrifying Red Dragon


We don’t know the fate of Hannibal following news of the show’s cancellation, but we do know that the next seven episodes of the series promise something absolutely terrifying: the appearance of the Red Dragon. Known in the Hannibal tetralogy as Francis Dolarhyde, or the Tooth Fairy (for his unusual teeth, cleft palate, and tendency to bite his victims), the twisted character made appearances in the films Manhunter (played brilliantly by Tom Noonan) and 2002’s Red Dragon (played by a hulking Ralph Fiennes). Dolarhyde is controlled, in his mind, by his other personality called the Red Dragon — inspired by the William Blake painting that Dolarhyde is obsessed with, The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun. Fans at Comic-Con got a peek at Hannibal‘s Red Dragon arc yesterday. The new Red Dragon is played by The Hobbit trilogy actor Richard Armitage. In the clip, we get a sense of his backstory, his relationship with Dr. Lecter, and appearances by Zachary Quinto and Rutina Wesley. The Red Dragon episodes look darkly beautiful, as expected, and the character promises to be the pitch-perfect blend of strange, sexual, and scary.