Check Out Grimes’ Grotesquely Trippy Cover for ‘The Wicked + the Divine’


While you counterintuitively ready for the “surprise” October release of Grimes’ Visions follow-up, you can now get lost in an image that looks like a Grimes album cover, but alas, is not. Grimes has designed a variant cover for the fourteenth issue (out September 9) of Image Comics’ The Wicked + the Divine“the comic by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson, Clayton Cowles, Hannah Donovan and whoever else [they] rope into this mighty endeavor,” which follows a group of super humans called “The Pantheon,” each of whom formerly merged with the spirit of a god, and each of whom has only 2 years to live due to a cycle called Recurrence.

The relatively new comic (it was launched in 2014) is already getting a ton of attention, a. because, as Flavorwire’s Judy Berman writes, “it’s a beautiful conflation of superhero mythos and pop-star worship,” and b. because this beautiful conflation will soon be a TV show. Grimes’ cover was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con during an Image Aesthetics panel. Check it out: