Is Seredrake Willigraham the Next Bennifer?


With Bennifer 2.0 bifurcated into, simply, Ben and Jennifer, there’s a clear dearth of celebrity romance for people to project their fantasies onto. But gossip of a potential burgeoning couple may soon renew people’s faith in celebrities’ ability to find and love (and eventually leave) other similarly powerful individuals: Drake and Serena Williams are, it seems, engaging in the type of behavior (making out) that would have the media believe they’re dating.

According to Times LIVE , the two were “spotted kissing in the clubhouse” after Williams beat Victoria Azarenka during the Wimbledon quarter final. A source told Times:

Even Serena’s team have been talking about it in the clubhouse to a few people they trust. She has been incredibly focused on her title bid. But if she’s had a quiet moment she’s spent it with Drake, even going to watch his Wireless set and having dinners in London.

Williams recently denied rumors, saying that they’re just “like family.” But rumor had that they were also dating back in 2011 — so this could be a potential rekindling, a regular old kindling, or, of course, a false-kindling. Regardless, it’s fun to think of shorthand for the hypothetical celebrity couple: Drerena? Seredrake? Drakena? Hopefully they’re more compatible than their names, because those are all miserable.