Life Imitates ‘Lebowski’: Lebowski Fest Founder Arrested in Bowling Alley For Smoking Weed


When a certain Will Russell decided to make (Louisville, KY cult movie-lovers’) history by becoming the founder of the city’s Lebowski Fest, he must have known that he was signing up to have something like the following story befall him: his festival honoring the bowling-and-bowl-packing Coen Brothers film, The Big Lebowski, is held at a bowling alley, where real-life bowlers (and, surely, bowl-packers) get to watch onscreen bowlers and bowl-packers. And it was here that he was arrested on Saturday, after having been caught smoking in the bowling alley’s parking lot.

He wasn’t taken from his beloved festival willingly, though: charges against him also included “resisting arrest and menacing.” He was described by the Courier-Journal, who first reported the story, as having taken a “challenging stance with clenched fists,” which led police to believe he might be a threat. He then got it together, though, and, as the police report goes, he “apologized for acting like a savage.” Since the incident on Saturday, he’s been released, and wrote “Don’t worry. Be happy for me” on Facebook.