A Documentary on Bill Nye’s Life and “Quest to Change the World” Is Looking for Funding


The opening for a Kickstarter video promoting an upcoming documentary on Bill Nye’s life perfectly indicates the nature of the Science Guy’s appeal: it shows a hyperbolized version of a 90s classroom, in which all of the students are struggling to stay awake, until their professor unsheathes a certain Bill Nye VHS, pops it in, and the whole classroom is reborn as the picture of the elusive concept of adolescent enthusiasm.

In order to reveal the details of the life of the man behind those curious bouts of academic excitement, filmmakers David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg — who fittingly bonded as teens over their love of science — are looking to raise $650,000 on Kickstarter. Nye is very clearly along for the ride, appearing in a great deal of original footage and acting as their spokesperson in their promotional video. (It should be noted that Nye has seemed, in general, wonderfully outgoing recently, after having appeared in a hilarious Amy Schumer sketch.)

As per the Kickstarter:

Bill’s passion and enthusiasm stayed with us, and when we got older, we started making films about science and technology. When we learned that Bill Nye was doing something new, working outside of the classroom to champion science and space exploration and the fight against climate change, we knew we had to make this documentary…With Bill on board, we’re ready to start following Bill as he tours the globe, advocates for space policy in Washington DC, launches a satellite, hangs out with Neil deGrasse Tyson, debates climate change deniers, and attempts to fill the big shoes of his former mentor and friend Carl Sagan — all at a time when science is under attack…The pieces are all falling in to place, but we need one last boost to make this film happen. We need your support.

And of course, as with all such projects, the Kickstarter gifts for donors will surely delight the mega-fans: for $25 you can get an exclusive first look at the film, for $35 you can get a Bill Nye-esque bow tie for your dog, for $125 you can get a signed copy of his book on evolution, for $500 you can get a personal signed limerick from Nye, and for $1000 you can take a selfie with Bill Nye at the “science rules” Kickstarter celebration party.

Watch the promotional video here:

And here’s a rough cut of a scene from the film that’ll soon, with enough donations, become a reality: