Return to ‘Fargo’s’ World of Kitsch and Desolation in the New Trailer For Season 2


FX has shared the first teaser trailer for Fargo‘s second season, which premieres this September. Much like True Detective, Fargo breaks away from the Season 1 with a brand new cast, but the Solverson family from Season 1 remains. Fresh out of the Vietnam War, Lou Solverson (Molly’s dad in the first season, now younger and played by Patrick Wilson) is trying to crack open a case involving a local crime gang and mob syndicate. The season also stars Kirsten Dunst, Ted Danson Jesse Plemons and Nick Offerman, and, intriguingly, Bruce Campbell plays a rising Ronald Reagan. With the backdrop of the end of the Vietnam War, the political landscape of the time will likely be a major theme.

Apart from characters in various states of anxiety, the trailer gives little away, though it does look like the trademark aesthetic of desolation and kitsch is back in full form.