“Radically Feminist and Willfully Obstinate” Record Label Instates a Wage-Gap Discount


Last Saturday, DIY Portland music label M’lady’s Records instated a policy that charges women only 77 percent of their products’ list price for all mail orders.

(After all, it’s only fair, as, according to the US Bureau Labor Stats, women make $0.77 for every man’s dollar).

Although a few establishments have also taken a jab at the wage-inequality between the sexes, including a bar in Brooklyn and a Boutique in Pittsburgh, M’lady’s Records is making a permanent change to its business, dubbing itself “radically feminist and willfully obstinate.”

Label co-owner Brett Lyman said to NPR that he’s “tired of record labels being these petit bourgeois institutions that don’t really have much impact on their communities.”

When asked by NPR how this discount would impact his record’s “Bottom Line,” he responded:

At the risk of sounding flippant … don’t care much. The bottom line for this label is about engaging with this amorphous and elusive community some people call ‘the underground.’