Eugene Mirman Purchased Ad Space to Righteously Object To a $15 Parking Fine


Eugene Mirman, the voice of Gene in Bob’s Burgers, was fined $15 for parking in the wrong direction in Portsmouth, NH, and he didn’t take it very lightly. In protest to the city’s stringent parking laws, Mirman bought ad space in a local newspaper, addressing the town of Portsmouth for large-scale injustice.Signed “With great disappointment,” the letter placed in the ad space thoroughly defends Mirman’s freedom to rightfully back into a spot. He even uses the state’s motto of “Live Free or Die” to ironically make his point — which went viral on reddit as “The Best Full Page Ad Ever.”

If it wasn’t clear following his letter to Time Warner Cable in a previous cable debacle, Mirman has very little patience for bureaucratic nonsense (especially that which will cost him $15):