Grace Jones, Iggy Pop and Henry Rollins Are Starring in the “Loudest Silent Movie on Earth”


God has eradicated sin once and for all. God has abolished rock ‘n’ roll and those other two things that go with it (er, drugs, sex). But God is in for a challenge — as he’s about to meet Iggy Pop.

Such is only the beginning of the wild premise of the upcoming silent film, Gutterdämmerung, which BEAT Magazine reports sees Iggy Pop playing a rebellious “punk” angel named Vicious who attempts to return delicious chaos to the world, Henry Rollins playing a puritan priest, and Grace Jones playing “the only person capable of controlling all the testosterone of all the no good rock ‘n’ rollers.” The film has been dubbed by its writer/director — Belgian-Swedish visual artist Bjorn Tagemose — as the “loudest silent movie on Earth.”

For, screenings of it will be accompanied by the score of a touring rock band. As per a video announcement of the project, which you can watch below, the audience will be standing while watching this “fully immersive experience.” The video alleges that “12 epic rockstars are playing in this film” — the rest of the cast will be announced as the film’s release nears.

If none of that has gotten you excited, perhaps a statement from Jesse Hughes of the Eagles of Death Metal will:

It’s not a rockumentary, it’s not fucking Spinal Tap, it’s the real fucking deal. And it’s the craziest fucking story you’ll ever fucking see in the theater.

Watch the announcement: