Ominous Things Are Happening — Very Quickly — in This 15-Second ‘X-Files’ Teaser


Fox has released a teaser — with actual new footage — for the X-Files reboot, which will air on January 24, 2016. If you find that all exciting, hopefully you won’t be too dismayed by the fact that it’s a mere 10 seconds of new material (and, bonus!, you get an additional five seconds for the title). But in that 10 seconds, so very much is revealed.Such revelations include: a. something that’s either an ornate frisbee or a spacecraft engine, b. uniformed men seemingly approaching the ominous frisbee, c. a room!, d. two bodies being carried from that room!, e. a strange mechanism (to dissect aliens? to torture aliens? to dissect humans? to torture humans?), f. Mulder’s “I want to believe poster,” which will surely see resurgence of popularity in every college dorm once the series’ reboot comes out, g. a Mulder, h. a Scully!, i. most revealingly, a title: The X-Files.

Watch the teaser: