Alice Glass Releases a Solo Single About Abuse, Is Donating All Sales to Charity


After a seemingly sour falling out with Crystal Castles bandmate Ethan Kath, Alice Glass is back with her new, jarring single, “Stillbirth.” Before leaving the band in late 2014, Glass wrote on Facebook, “I hope my fans will embrace me as a solo artist in the same way they have embraced Crystal Castles,” and this new track gives them every reason to do so; as does the fact that all digital purchases (the track will go up on iTunes and Spotify tomorrow) will help survivors of sexual abuse via donations to RAIIN, “the nations largest anti-sexual violence organization.”

The track is the artist’s exploration of her own personal struggle as a survivor of an abusive relationship. She said, in a statement on her website:

Years ago I began the process of trying to remove myself from an abusive relationship that started when I was a teenager. Over the course of that relationship I was systematically cut off from anyone and everyone that I could truly be close to. I was talked down to, yelled at, locked into rooms and criticized daily about my abilities, my weight, my looks, my intelligence and almost every move I made. When I couldn’t take it anymore and I wanted to end the relationship I was threatened, then I was told I was loved, and the cycle would begin again. I want young women and young men to understand that this kind of treatment of others can happen where it might be least expected. Even in environments that thrive on creativity and open-mindedness, that advocate artistic and counter-culture ideals. Sometimes people will use these things to camouflage themselves so that their abuse might go unnoticed. So that you wouldn’t think to consider it could be happening right in front of you. The clarity I’ve gained since getting out of that situation has opened up my life in a way that I didn’t imagine was possible. Although some of the pain and anger still lingers, my life finally feels as though it has value and meaning. I speak out now hoping that I can encourage other young women and young men to affirm their value within their relationships or get out. Abuse isn’t always obvious and it doesn’t have to involve black eyes, blood and broken bones. Emotional and psychological abuse can be just as damaging, and it is extremely difficult to remove yourself from.

Glass worked with Jupiter Keyes to write and produce the song — which was made in her basement, and has no label affiliations. She’ll allegedly be releasing a “sister track” to “Stillbirth” in the near future.