‘District 9’ Writer Adapting Cape Town Supernatural Adventure, ‘Apocalypse Now Now’


Variety reports that Apocalypse Now Now (which, fortunately, is not the uninventive name of a Vietnam War film sequel/reboot/remake/re-etc.), is District 9 co-writer Terri Tatchell’s next project. The writer, who also co-wrote Chappie with Neill Blomkamp, is adapting the Charlie Human novel, described as “Tarantino meets Neil Gaiman,” for Redlab Digital and XYZ Films in a Canadian/South African production.

The novel is set at a Cape Town high school, where a gang called The Spider — and run by a guy named Baxter — is peddling pornography; but their system — which thus far has been lucrative — is disrupted after a gruesome murder and the disappearance of their leader’s girlfriend. Soon, Baxter is on the quest — alongside a supernatural bounty hunter — through fantastical nightmare-regions of Cape Town to find her and rescue her from a disturbing demise.

Tatchell said of the novel and its setting:

South Africa has always pushed through the usual limits of my imagination and Apocalypse Now Now is no exception. Charlie [Human] has actually upped the game and obliterated them all altogether.