‘X-Files’ Superfan Kumail Nanjiani Will Appear in the Upcoming Revival


Silicon Valley’s Kumail Nanjiani will star in an episode of Fox’s sci-fi revival of The X-Files, making his dreams as a die-hard fan come true. The comedian seemed completely starstruck (despite his own participation in just about every comedy show on television, from Key and Peele to Broad City to Portlandia to Bob’s Burgers to Inside Amy Schumer), tweeting a picture of The X-Files welcome binder with his name on it, admitting “I had been trying to stay calm and approach it like any other job. And then I freaked out as soon as I saw this.”

Nanjiani knows mostly everything there is to know about the series, as he’s analyzed many episodes and interviewed many of the project’s key contributors on his podcast, The X-Files Files . More than anything else, it all seems to be a labor a love and, if his Twitter feed is any indication, a very exciting time for Nanjiani.

The X-Files is set to return on January 24, 2016.