Watch Johnny Depp Appear as Jack Sparrow in a Surprise Visit to a Children’s Hospital


Johnny Depp and Stephen Graham made an appearance at an Australian children’s hospital as their Pirates of the Caribbean characters — Jack Sparrow and Scrum, respectively. The kids’ reactions to Depp wandering around the hospital, never breaking his charming and slightly inebriated Sparrow persona, would warm even Blackbeard’s heart.

The visit was captured by Juice TV, a weekly 30-minute show, “made by the kids in hospital, for the kids in hospital.” The segment starts with Depp creeping around a corner to confront the young host, Ula. Depp’s improvisation with the children is something to behold.

“I wet me bed…last night,” said Depp Sparrow when asked about his most embarrassing moment.

“Do you even have a toilet on the ship?” asked Ula.

“No, of course not! Have you never heard of the poop deck?” responded Sparrow, to uniform laughter.

Depp is in Australia shooting the latest Pirates film, Dead Men Tell No Tales. (Yeah, unfortunately he doesn’t randomly walk around in the Sparrow custom). He made headlines in May when Australian agriculture minister, Barnaby Joyce, made him persona non grata for not declaring his two Yorkshire terriers when arriving in the country.

Watch the episode of Juice TV below (Depp and Graham’s segment begins at 4:30):