The Most Extraordinary, with Questlove [Sponsored]


You know Questlove. You, like us, probably love him: The Roots drummer, Tonight Show band member, DJ, author, and activist is an admirable and thoroughly lovable guy. With all those monikers, we figured Questlove was the perfect DJ to turn mundane, sad desk lunches into extraordinary Lunch Breaks. He’s spinning both #PerrierLunchBreak parties in NYC, and we tapped him just before his most recent set (made extraordinary by Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water) to find out his dream lunch date, tunes, and venue. Hint: turns out Questlove Dreams of Sushi.

Flavorwire: Who would soundtrack your dream lunch break?

Questlove: The Police. It actually happened once in 2007. It was quite excellent.

FW: Where was your most extraordinary lunch break so far?

Q: Tokyo, Japan. I took 3 days off and a 14-hour trip to eat sushi at Jiro. 10 hours later, I was back in the US.

FW: What are some songs that you love to spin specifically for Lunch Break?

Q: You can’t lose with Michael Jackson and Beyonce.

FW: What’s the most amazing club you’ve played, and why (soundsystem, crowd, venue design, etc.)?

Q: Europe is the current leader in anything sound quality, but I will say Output in Brooklyn is currently my favorite. The speakers are the size of the World Trade Center.

FW: Name one contemporary musician and/or DJ who you’d like to have lunch with.

Q:Kacey Musgraves.