Lunch Break DJs Recommend the Best Clubs in the World [Sponsored]


Right now in NYC, LA, Miami, and Chicago, we’re offering extraordinary office escapes — with help from Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water and some serious DJ talent (Yo, Questlove!). Lunch Break parties are bringing desk jockeys to the club for an hour of dancing, a custom Perrier cocktail, and a classic bagged lunch to take back to work. Beats your sad desk lunch, right? And you can still RSVP to this Friday’s party in Chicago with Nadastrom and Miami with BRENMAR.

We figured if anyone would have awesome nightclub recos, it’d be these DJs. So we asked the folks behind the Lunch Break decks for their top club picks: the most extraordinary clubs to spin and dance at. Check below before you next head out on the town, whether noontime or nighttime.

DJ Questlove

Favorite club to play: “Output. Their speakers are the size of the World Trade Center.”

DJ SoSuperSam

Favorite club to play: “My monthly R&B party, ‘143,’ at Los Globos in LA. Hundreds of people are just losing their minds to R&B music, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Favorite club to party at: “This party called ‘Duh‘ on Thursdays at Up & Down in NYC. It has a diverse crowd, any music goes, there’s secret nooks within the club to hide in.”


Favorite club to play & party at: “My new favorite spot is The Dolphin in Philly! It’s a raw, no frills 150 capacity club with a dope sound system and a colorful dance floor. Imagine if U Hall had a punk rock little brother. Super fun to play and party at.”


Favorite club to play: “I love Bardot in Miami and 88 Palace in Chinatown in NYC. I love Miami and Bardot is just a unique vibe for it. 88 Palace is a Chinese restaurent by day and DIY nightclub at night; just real different.”

Favorite club to party at: “Any club with good music, good sound, and pretty girls is all right with me.”

Peanut Butter Wolf

Favorite club to party at: “Any club in Tokyo because every time I’ve partied there over the past 15 years, I’ve had a good time.”

The Black Madonna

Favorite club to play: “It’s a tie between Smart Bar (in Chicago) and Panorama Bar (in Berlin). Smart Bar is home, and when it goes off there’s nothing like it. Panorama Bar is completely different. It’s truly one of the greatest temples of dance in the history of the culture.”

Favorite club to party at: “A tiny bar in Kentucky called Teddybears. It’s a gay bar with maraschino cherries soaked in Everclear and there’s ABBA on the jukebox.”