FX Unveils a Hoard of (Very Short) Fargo Season 2 Teasers


It’s comforting to know, during these hot summer days, that Season 2 of Fargo awaits in October to not-so-gently ease us into the cooler seasons. (It was originally thought to debut in September but new teasers state October.) To get you ready, FX has revealed eight new clips, each showing a regular cookie cutter-like scene with a dark twist. Little is given away — they’re scored by 70’s funk music and some scattered sound effects — but the lack of dialogue helps add to the offbeat eeriness.

Season 2 jumps back to 1979, and follows the married couple Peggy (Kirsten Dunst) and Ed Blomquist (Jesse Plemons) as they get caught up with the wrong crowd. “I have such an awesome arc to play, it’s like a 10-hour movie, it really escalates,” Dunst told Entertainment Weekly.

Plemons, who viewers may remember as cold hearted kid-killer Ricky in Breaking Bad, let a small hint about his character loose: “[Ed Blomquist is] unfortunately, or fortunately, madly devoted to his wife.”

The show will also star Patrick Wilson, Ted Danson, and Jean Smart. Watch the many teasers: