Miley Cyrus Emerges Victorious After Performance Ban: She’s Hosting the VMAs


Miley Cyrus’ last performance (two years ago) at the VMAs was, to some extent, overshadowed both by media backlash (as the world nearly exploded over the startling notion that a pop star would be performatively sexual), and by the giant, generally off-putting Robin Thicke behind her. But now, despite being supposedly banned from performing at the awards ceremony, she’s doing something far better: hosting, and thus essentially performing across the whole damn thing.

The singer announced her victory via Instagram, on which she sported an alien suit, and posted a split screen image that read, in the first photo, “MTV won’t let me perform,” and then, in the second, “So I’m hosting this year’s VMAs” (a message accompanied, of course, by a trademark protruding tongue):

As Entertainment Weekly notes, this is also surprising because for the past two years, the Video Music Awards ceremony has happened without a host. The awards will air on August 30 at 9 p.m. (ET) on MTV.