The Coolest Dance Sequences in Cinema [Sponsored]


We’re suckers for a good dance sequence. But in compiling this list, we tried to avoid straight-up movie musicals and dance films (your West Side Stories, your Step Ups, your Center Stages), because honestly, that’s a list in and of itself. Instead, with help from Perrier (who is currently making our Lunch Breaks extraordinary, so they know a thing or two about dance breaks), we’ve rounded up our favorite dance scenes in cinema — in no particular order, it should be noted — from some perhaps less expected titles. Enjoy! And if you’re in NYC, LA, Chicago, or Miami and get inspired by this list, RSVP to join us at our next Lunch Break. There’s just one more in each city this summer.

15. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Kicking things off with a classic. Not gonna lie, once we saw this scene, parades were kind of ruined for us.

14. Little Miss Sunshine

Ladies and gentlemen, Abigail Breslin. Killin’ it.

13. Reservoir Dogs

You thought we’d go with Pulp Fiction for our Tarantino entry, didn’t you? Too many ears in that one.

12. This Is The End

Because we almost got up and danced too when we saw this in theaters.

11. Beetlejuice

Barely edging out Beetlejuice‘s “Shake Señora” scene, mostly for superior use of props.

10. A Knight’s Tale

Bowie goes medieval.

9. The Breakfast Club

Proving that dance truly is the great uniter: the Jock, the Princess, the Criminal, the Basket Case, and the Brain can all get down.

8. Silver Linings Playbook

I think the word you’re looking for is “endearing.”

7. Boogie Nights

We’ll take Mark Wahlberg over John Travolta for ’70s steez any day.

6. House Party

We’ve been chasing Kid n Play’s moves at graduation parties and weddings ever since.

5. 500 Days of Summer

Nothing quite captures that “new love” feeling like a choreographed group dance number.

4. Moulin Rouge

OK so this is skirting the “no musicals” rule, but if a scene gives you chills upon *every* viewing, it’s a worthy exception.

3. Drop Dead Gorgeous

Bonus points for Denise Richards’ dancing partner on this one.

2. The Artist

When is a silent movie not a silent movie? When they keep the taps in.

1. Do The Right Thing

Leave it to a Fly Girl to come out at #1. Rosie Perez, you’re our hero.