Dinos and Humans Coexist (Again) in the Beautiful Trailer for Pixar’s ‘The Good Dinosaur’


Pixar has shared a new, visually arresting and emotionally overwhelming trailer for its next release, The Good Dinosaur. As the name suggests, the story represents a big shift in both setting and plot from Pixar’s hugely successful summer release, Inside Out. Whereas Inside Out had an ensemble of talkative characters, The Good Dinosaur (directed by Peter Sohn) will supposedly feature very little dialogue. During the 2.5 minute trailer the only word spoken is “Hello.”

The premise — though sadly not a prehistoric reimagining of a certain Julianna Margulies drama — envisions an Earth in which the comet that wiped the dinosaurs out missed. It focuses on Arlo the dinosaur — who looks like he jumped straight out of a Nintendo — and his unlikely friendship with a human boy. Together, with the vigor of Bryce Dallas Howard in stilettos, they traverse the great terrain, deepening their bond, it seems, as they run away from the occasional T-Rex.

The Good Dinosaur will be released on November 25.