Judy Greer Gets a Meaty Role, Corey Feldman Induces Shame: Links You Need to See


The hilarious trailer for Addicted to Fresno, starring Judy Greer, was recently released. Yes, don’t adjust your screen. Judy Greer finally has the starring in a feature film, and it’s about time. Her portrayal of sex-addicted Shannon, whose life falls apart after she and her sister/hotel coworker (played by Natasha Lyonne) accidentally kill a guest. The role won Greer the best Actress in a U.S. Dramatic Feature award at Outfest last weekend, “for capturing with a quick-witted humor the sympathetic qualities of a difficult character, and humanizing the issue of sex addiction.” Here’s the trailer for the film, which comes out in October:

Thug Life compilation videos, bears wandering around parking lots, and this boat crash: you’re fully aware of wasting your life by watching these, and yet you just can’t help yourself. You can now add Corey Feldman dancing like a crazed Michael Jackson in front of bewildered baseball fans to that list. Feldman was playing with his band Truth Movement, which seems to comprise himself, a Mac laptop, and scantily clad angels on bass and backing vocals. Despite the crowd seeming to enjoy it, the baseball team State College Spikes decided to issue an apology for his set. Watch the performance:

For a man who famously sings about not wanting any surprises, Thom Yorke has shown a penchant for delivering a few himself. Along with joining Portishead for one song during England’s Latitude Festival, Yorke also played his own surprise set at the event. Accompanied by Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, Yorke played some unknown tracks (cuts from Radiohead’s upcoming LP?), and songs from his solo albums The Eraser and Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes. You can watch a fan video of his set via Rabbit in My Headlights:

Underground cartoon and zine-like art has increasingly gained more traction in the high art world. A plethora of shows over the last year attest to the spiked interest in Peter Saul and R. Crumb-style paintings. Discussing the latest cartoon animation show Character Traits, The Huffington Post delves deeper into the appeal of “outsider” art.

Dhana Kumari Bajracharya

Dhana Kumari Bajracharya does not suffer cabin fever. Nepal’s devastating earthquake last April forced the “living goddess” to walk on the street for the first time in her 63 years on the planet. Bajracharya was chosen as a goddess when she was just two, and had previously only ever appeared outdoors when carried on a palanquin during celebratory events. The “goddess” is part of the Nepalese tradition of “kumaris,” who are thought to be the embodiment of the Hindu god Taleju.