Kit Harington Is in Belfast… to Resuscitate Jon Snow?


People may have reason to throw off their mourning veils and pack up their elaborate (and spoiler heavy!) alters, because Kit Harington was spotted in a scrutiny (yes, the “is Jon Snow dead/alive” order of scrutiny) worthy location yesterday.

As that Tweet suggests, he showed up in Belfast, Ireland, where Titanic Studios — where production happens on much of Game of Thrones — is situated. (Much of the rest of the show is also filmed on location in surrounding areas).

Of course, anyone has a right to visit Belfast without starring as a resurrected hero on a fantasy series. And it’s quite possible that Kit Harington was visiting a friend, or simply missing his old stomping ground after seemingly getting killed off via multiple stabbings at the end of Season 5. Perhaps he was even, as a potential pedestrian liberated from the gruesome, gorgeous world of Westeros, simply there to take one of these lovely guided tours of the show’s filming locations.

But perhaps he wasn’t. Perhaps, rather, any or all of these varied (and varyingly feasible) theories will come true, and Jon will Snow again.