Decoding Katy Perry’s Ill-Phrased Tweet about Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj


Katy Perry has weighed in on the debate sparked by Taylor Swift’s defensive, tone-deaf exchange with Nicki Minaj, who at the time was calling out pop music’s racial bias in light of yesterday’s VMA nominations. Unfortunately, Perry’s tweet is confusing to read, due to its lack of punctuation and awkward phrasing. Shade can only be as effective as its syntax, after all.

Imagine it written like this…

Finding it ironic to parade the pit-women-against-other-women argument about, as one unmeasurably capitalizes on the takedown of a woman.

Then this…

I find it ironic that Taylor told Nicki not to pit women against each other when the song in question, “Bad Blood,” was written as a takedown of me.

Perry is referring to this tweet, and this pre-existing beef with Swift.

If you’re going to take sides in a fight, you may want to make it clear which you’re on. Anyway, turns out Perry is Team Rihanna. We didn’t know that was an option.