A Visual Mixtape of Explicit ‘GIFs to Have Sex By’


Multimedia artist Faith Holland curated the latest online exhibit at Digital Sweat Gallery (which we discovered on Art F City) — a platform for digital artists whose work deals with sexual or erotic themes.

GIFs to Have Sex By unites 40 artists for abstract concepts of sexual encounters — from glitchy phalluses and inanimate objects thrust into motion by GIF-tastic rendering, to an endlessly twerking Nicki Minaj. Holland describes the series as a “visual mixtape.” See how New Media artists subvert the GIF for your pleasure in our gallery.

Image credit: A. Bill Miller

Image credit: Alma Alloro

Image credit: Andrew Benson

Image credit: Andrew Benson

Image credit: Eva Papamargariti

Image credit: Gaby Cepeda

Image credit: Katie Torn

Image credit: Christian Petersen

Image credit: Morehshin Allahyari

Image credit: Rafia Santana

Image credit: Adriana Minoliti