Watch: Sam Smith Goes Clubbing in a Police State in Disclosure’s “Omen” Video


“Omen” — the Sam Smith collaboration off Disclosure’s upcoming album Caracal now has a video. Disclosure brought on Ryan Hope to direct the videos for the album in serialized form; they follow a linear narrative about a system-defying character named Mariela as she navigates a futuristic urban nightmare (the first of which was “Holding On”). In this video, she happens to be at the same nightclub as Sam Smith who, as usual, wears an expression that screams “soulful,” and dances on his own. The video begins with an ominous shot of the oppressive skyline, and as we see a relatively normal party scene unfold, it’s intercut with images of the facade of the club, outside of which the police wait to impose on people’s freedom to dance to new Disclosure/Sam Smith tracks.