Taylor Swift Seemingly Made a Loaded Reference to “Left Shark” in “Bad Blood” Performance


A shark attacking the middle of a concert doesn’t sound pleasant, but when Taylor Swift’s performance in Foxborough, MA was briefly interrupted by one such sea creature, it actually seemed more like a well-crafted jab at another pop star.For the shark in question has been classified as “Left.” Yes, you thought, after all this time has passed since Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Half Time show, that you’d finally escaped the viral haunting of that famously-on-the-left shark. But Left Shark was, indeed, resurrected during Swift’s concert this weekend. Notably, it happened in the middle of “Bad Blood.”

After the Super Bowl performance where the shark stole the show, you could say Left Shark might be used as an avatar, of sorts, for Katy Perry. Thus, numerous websites have speculated that Swift’s exceedingly brief invocation of the famous shark was a subtle jab at Katy Perry, with whom she supposedly has beef, and about whom she may have written “Bad Blood.”

Said beef was reheated last week, when Perry took an accusatory tone in trying to enter the Twitter debate stirred by Swift’s defensive Tweet to Nicki Minaj. Thus, the appearance of this leftmost of sharks begs the question: did Taylor Swift plan for the shark to appear onstage during “Bad Blood” as subliminal messaging confirming that the song is truly about Perry? Did a fan wearing the shark try to antagonize Swift with a petty reminder of this potential feud? Was this actually a Right Shark, an ambi-shark, or a completely directionless shark? Only time, and perhaps Twitter, will tell.

Behold the shark:

Via Consequence of Sound.