Our Favorite Forrest MacNeil Moments from Review Season 1 & 2 So Far [Sponsored]


We’ve all read the Review reviews. Or rather the reviews of Comedy Central’s Review, a beacon of comedic post-meta analysis for an absurdist age. Andy Daly’s life-critiquing Forrest MacNeil sets the tone, offering an anti-hero that’s absurd, poignant, and frequently hilarious…

It’d be a bit on the nose to issue stars, so we’ve opted for the official rating system of the internet age. Behold our animated-gif analysis of the seven Season 1 moments that make this the most anticipated show return of the summer. Tune in to Comedy Central Thursdays at 10/9 central, or anytime on the CC app to catch Review.

7. The Smash-Off is ON

For once, Jason Mantzoukas (resident perv of both The League and Parks and Recreation) isn’t the only one unable to control his emotions. It doesn’t matter who shot first. When Forrest’s road rage gives way to an all-out smash-off, no one is coming away unscathed.

6. Forrest Nails the Jekyll and Hyde Nature of Drug Addiction

Drugs are fun, and that’s a part of the debate that’s often lost when attempting to understand the mind of an addict. As every person who’s ever said “this is my last cigarette” for the 13th time knows, drugs often have a greater hold than anyone imagines. What a fantastic way to treat one of the least understood aspects of substance abuse.

5. Forrest Absolutely Refuses to Give up on a Poop Gag

We’re not usually fans of silly accents, but Forrest’s Italian Dry Cleaner is simply too outrageous not to admire. Just as the character is nearly outwitted, Forrest combs the edge of senseless absurdity to keep him alive; but his dedication to a single poop joke ultimately elevates the scene to the level of high art.

4. Forrest Finds a Woman Willing to Go All the Way

Playing at the top of your game requires a level of dedication that often alienates friends and family. So, it’s with enormous relief that we see Forrest coupling with a woman bat crazy enough to kidnap a cop. Couple of the century? Who’s to say…

3. Fred Willard Dies in Space

First, Fred Willard’s floating space corpse interrupts a wedding proposal, then a product endorsement by none other than Lance Bass. We’ve always thought he brought life to his roles, but who knew his Weekend at Bernie’s moves were just as impressive?

2. Forrest MacNeil Realizes he was Already a Racist

While Daly as Forrest MacNeil is often ingeniously absurdist, his social commentary chops are equally acute. When his attempt to feign racism is revealed, Forrest is faced with a rather important observation: subtle forms of racism lay dormant in more people than any of us want to acknowledge. Good on Daly for playing straw man to make such an important point.

1. In the Wake of a Divorce, Forrest Conquers 30 Pancakes with Existential Aplomb

If there is no meaning, then anything is possible, a truth which summons desperation and power in equal order. Which is why Forrest is able to summon a legion’s strength while dealing with his divorce, downing 30 pancakes without even blinking an eye. Lovers come and go, but pancakes are the province of a true champion.

BONUS: Forrest Finds Glory in Season 2

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Season 2 kicked off with a bang (yes! pun intended!), as Forrest discovered the difference between a “family hole” and a “glory hole” — though he still seems rather unclear on the concept in general… He fared much better with anonymous sex (which was definitely from a woman and not a male parks employee, by the way) than with his review of “bare knuckle brawling.” We’ve heard of taking a knife to a gun fight, but knuckles? Or perhaps this was a coded call for better gun control? Any pretense that Forrest and his Review team was getting political was dashed in by his examination of “blackmail,” when Forrest destroyed the life of his nurse-turned-girlfriend, all in the name of journalism.

Obviously, we’re stoked to see where else Forrest takes us/just how low he’s planning to go in Season 2. Check out the trailer below and remember to catch Review on Comedy Central Thursdays at 10/9c (or anytime on the CC app).