Lupita Nyong’o Is Starring in “Eclipsed” at NY’s Public Theater: Links You Need to See


Lupita Nyong’o will be making her New York theater debut this fall at the Public Theater, in Eclipsed, a play that is, as the Public’s Artistic Director Oskar Eustis described it, “a feminist reading of the Liberian Civil War, a war that was ended by women.” The play, which ran in 2009 at the Yale Repertory Theater, was written by Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne on The Walking Dead.

Meanwhile, Jason Segel is making a very anticipated debut of sorts as a dramatic character actor in The End of the Tour, which comes out tomorrow, and sees Segel playing David Foster Wallace over the course of a 5-day road-trip conversation with young journalist David Lipsky (played by Jesse Eisenberg). Segel’s making the press rounds, and in an interview with The Verge, he describes what he discovered about Infinite Jest through a book club he organized, as well as the “life imitating art” quality of getting to know his co-star Jesse Eisenberg while driving to and from shoots. And, over at Indiewire, director James Ponsoldt discusses being a Wallace obsessive, saying of his experience reading Infinite Jest:

I was an English major, and like any dutiful English major, I had to get a copy of Infinite Jest. Everyone I knew was either reading it, had read it, was pretending to read it, was engaging with it or had given up to use as a doorstop. Over the course of four or five months, I wrestled with the thing and felt pummeled by it. It was one of the most challenging and complicated relationships I had had to that point.

Also soon to make a debut is pee repellent paint on the walls of San Fransisco buildings. It seems the city’s role as the American epicenter of uselessly-luxurious innovation cannot fully be achieved while walls are still being peed on, as in any other city. San Fran is not only imbuing its walls with the power to resist the streams of shameless residents, but also, as though enacting every wall-of-yore’s twisted revenge fantasy, to regift pissers-by with the former contents of their bladders: yeah, the paint makes pee splash directly back. (The real intent is, understandably, to reduce water use for cleaning walls during the drought.) Mohammed Nuru, the director of Public Works, mischievously explained to the Los Angeles Times , “The wall advises not to urinate there. It’s in three languages. If they happen to take that chance, they can get their feet or pants wet… It does work. Believe me.” (And, for another equally bizarre view of California, check out the new, wonderfully alienating trailer for Entertainment). Meanwhile, as San Fran walls get covered in vengeful paint, a Philadelphia wall just got covered with a stunning, 15-story portrait. The subject is Ibrahim Shaw, an immigrant from Pakistan who works at a food truck, which his massive image now overlooks, (it’s part of of French artist JR‘s public art series, Migrants).