Drake vs Meek Mill, Round 3: More Beef Than a State Fair


The Drake/Meek Mill beef drags on, with the release late last night of the latter’s response to the former, in the form of a track called “Wanna Know.”

If nothing else, the track is pretty conclusive proof that Meek most certainly does not use a ghostwriter — it sounds like it was entirely improvised at the mic, for better or worse. And, let’s be honest, it’s pretty bad, mainly because it concentrates more on the use of awkward samples (the “Know Yourself” reference track, Drake’s “Running Through the Six”, a long excerpt from 1974 film The Education of Sonny Carson, and, um, a P Diddy motivational speech) than it does on cutting lyricism. (It does, however, raise a giggle for being billed as “Meek Mill feat. Quentin Miller.”)

Current score: Drake 3, Meek Mill 0. Drake opened the scoring with a fumbling header but followed up with a peach of a goal, and Meek just put the ball into his own net. Can Philly’s finest stage a remarkable comeback? Tune in to the internet over the weekend to find out!