Jon Stewart Announces the Guests Leading Up to His ‘Daily Show’ Finale


Though days will continue to be days, and daily shows will continue to be daily shows, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will cease to be The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, and the impending August 6 end-of-days(ly Show With Jon Stewart) seems to have people sitting shiva with their foreseeably Stewart-hollowed TV sets. And, to accompany them, the show’s funeral guest list, so to speak, was announced during last night’s episode.

In the lead-up to the final episode, comedians Amy Schumer, Denis Leary and Louis C.K. will join Stewart on his show, though what’ll happen on the actual final episode remains a mystery. (It is known, however, that it’ll run for 50 minutes.) Stewart said of the show’s final week:

We’re going to have a ball, and I can’t wait to show my appreciation at all the support and enthusiasm that you guys have given the show all these years.

Indeed, we now already know that Jon Stewart and Louis C.K. can have a ball together, and the Wall Street Journal notes that Stewart has said that both C.K. and Leary are his friends and “favorite guests”; meanwhile the excitingness of Amy Schumer appearing kinda goes without saying.

On September 28, Trevor Noah will begin a somewhat reimagined Daily Show, which will focus more on the new, click-baity ways we get the news, and will obviously shift, as Noah described, according to Stewart’s and his “different access to different jokes, different sides, different sensitivities.”