‘Difficult People,’ Space-Traveling Whiskey and Sadness in Cartoons: Links You Need to See


Difficult People, the Amy Poehler-executive produced comedy series by and starring Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner, is coming to Hulu on August 5, and has a new trailer, featuring friendship and misanthropy in equal parts. Eichner and Klausner play their alternate, floundering selves, and its them against the outside world, which looks to be depicted almost exclusively of a series of impressive celebrity cameos. Debbie Harry, Kate McKinnon, Gabourey Sidibe, Martin Short, Amy Sedaris and Fred Armisen all make appearances as people to whom Eichner and Klausner may be somewhat Difficult. Recently, Eichner and Klausner explained the show in further detail on Late Night. And, speaking with Out Magazine, Klausner said, “To see an angry, unpleasant woman and her angry, unpleasant gay friend on television is important. I liked the opportunity to flip the Everybody Loves Raymond model of the understanding female partner of an impossible male lead on its head.”

Watch the trailer:

Speaking of Amy Sedaris and comedy (and surely other strained connections to this next topic), Bojack Horseman had returned for its second season on Netflix, and with the critical acclaim it’s seeing, it just got renewed for a third. The Verge did an interview with Raphael Bob-Waksberg (the creator of the show, which Flavorwire’s Pilot Viruet called TV’s “best exploration of depression”) in which he discusses why a cartoon about a Hollywood-entrenched anthropomorphic horse was, for him, the perfect way to explore sadness.

Of course, if you feel like you don’t have enough sadness to explore, here are a couple tidbits that might help you get there: for those who live in or visit NYC, a 2 hour walk bears a higher-than-expected likelihood of getting pooped on by a pigeon; also, during that walk, even if you traversed every New York City street, you’d only see 5 public sculptures of historic women; you’d also potentially, in the near future, pass a luxury apartment with a dog run and a hiking trail in Bushwick. Pair all this with the notion that you’ll probably never go to space, but this whiskey (who won’t be able to appreciate it, though it may allegedly age differently in zero gravity) will, and yeah, maybe you’ll feel just as mopey as a washed up horse actor.