More Ridiculous Pop Culture-Inspired Merch


Ever the fans of absurd pop culture-inspired merch, the bizarre Kim Kardashian Human Centipede tee got our attention earlier this week. Clearly, it’s time to round up more of the ridiculous merch that we’ve crossed paths with, including clothes we would never wear — except maybe while eating pizza. Take a break from the Meek Mill and Drake diss wars to go window shopping, below.

In case you’ve been living under a rock or you haven’t been initiated into the gruesome world of director Tom Six, the Human Centipede films (oh yes, there are three of them!) center on the idea of a real-life “human centipede” — several people surgically joined mouth to anus. Clothing company RageOn has capitalized on the scatological nature of the movies and, what many people feel, is the nature of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, in a new t-shirt designed by Dana Kapcewich. The company is also selling an “Ice T, Ice Cube, Mr. T in a tea pitcher” shirt in case you need to really go there.

Because the best way to remember the late King of Pop is to wear him on your crotch.

Since it’s the 20th anniversary of Larry Clark’s controversial film Kids, written by a then teenage Harmony Korine (who also stars in the movie), Supreme has released a capsule collection of tees and skateboards that should make any ‘90s kid happy — even if the movie’s portrayal of rape, addiction, and HIV is totally depressing.

In case you didn’t hate Neighbors, The Interview, or his friendship with James Franco enough, here’s a Seth Rogen “Best Buds” tee to push you over the edge.

Never speak to your significant other again after they wear this adult onesie covered in poop emojis.

If a $64 Purple Haze-era Cam’ron shower curtain doesn’t honor the hip hop dandy, we don’t know what will.

Shop Human is helping you jump the shark, with plenty of clearance, by expressing your love of Channing Tatum in Venn Diagram form.

And oldie, but goodie — and one you can no longer buy unless you’re into collecting and the price tag that comes along with it. This phallic Jar Jar Binks Candy Tongue movie tie-in was obviously thought up by a disgruntled employee. J.J. Abrams might feature the fictional amphibian in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but let’s hope he looks nothing like this.

We’re not sure what possessed Diesel to design this heavy metal-inspired fashion line, featuring phony distressing, cutoff sleeves, and fake band patches.