Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan Gracefully Endure Ignorant Interviewers During ‘Fantastic Four’ Press Junket


The junk was put in junket this weekend when interviewers from Rock 100.5 Morning show in Atlanta launched a litany of racist/sexist questions at Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan, who were promoting Fantastic Four (out August 7). One of them started out incredulous that Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan play siblings in a superhero fantasy (as Sue and Johnny Storm), asking, “You’re white and you’re black. How does that happen?.. There has to be some type of adoption thing going on.”

After Jordan politely tried to explain that “there’s a whole bunch of different family dynamics without the obvious adoption,” the attention turned to Kate Mara’s hair, which is now, get ready, short. The interviewer was even more befuddled, it seemed, by the idea of a woman who’d do that to her “beautiful hair” than by that first topic they found so incomprehensible. Kate Mara muttered an aside that it was a “great interview,” before then going out of her way to explain that actors have to be “chameleons.”

Watch below: