It’s Time to Parse ‘Wet Hot American Summer’: Links You Need to See


For some, it’s Summer. For many, it’s wet. For others, it’s hot. For 318 million, it’s Amer— yeah, you get it. And for those who binged their weekend away with the Netflix prequel series (very nearly spelled out above) and, after a full First Day of Camp, are desperately sad that there isn’t a second day to consume, there are at least plenty of related articles to ensure continued immersion. Stay in the alternate world where quadragenarians are teens and 1981 is more about mom jeans than the dawn of the Reagan era (or is it?) with this piece by former child actor Gideon Jacobs, who played Aaron in original film, this essay on the Jewishness of its humor, and this rundown of the series’ enviable fashions.

And now for a beast of a different species. With lions, and the ill deeds done unto them, having overtaken social media last week, it’s a particularly fitting time for large-scale messaging about endangered animals — and Obscura Digital has projected threatened species onto Empire State Building. According to The Creators Project, they’ve enlisted “a battery of 40 projectors and 40 computers to blast the skyscraper with a triple-layered digital canvas that keeps 400-foot whales, tigers, and a tribute to the icon Cecil the Lion crisp enough to see from Union Square to Penn Station.” (It’s a feat that would surely involved less technology if they’d slacked and used the world’s tiniest skyscraper). For a slightly more lighthearted spin on man’s interactions with animals, check out A.V. Club’s list of T.V. pets with tense relationships with their castmates.

And, finally, let’s plunge into the utterly ridiculous: a mashup of the Seinfeld theme with Thom Yorke’s vocals from “My Iron Lung.” But beware — while it may sound like your usual trivially amusing internet romp, this thing is haunting. And while Seinhead is nothing to take lightly, VICE, as The Onion suggests in its new spoof web series, may be.