‘Transparent’ Season 2 Returns To Amazon in December


Transparent fans have a concrete reason to be excited. After a long hiatus which included a victorious lap around the awards circuit, Jill Soloway’s half-hour dramedy about gender and family secrets will be back on Amazon Prime this December. The news was revealed at a panel this afternoon, and the cast members and writers also got to drop some major hints about what we can expect, including a trans writer and some seriously far-back flashbacks. Via Indiewire:

Part of that excitement was built around the addition of a transgender writer to the show’s staff for Season 2: Soloway was quick to credit Our Lady J for adding key details to the show’s depiction of a transgender person, including a scene where Billings’ character was trying to regender her childhood photographs.

Even more spoilers arose from the panel. Count me as extremely excited for the flashbacks to the immigrant ancestors of the family, as well as a wedding.

Soloway also said the flashbacks would go back even further in Season 2… all the way back to when Maura’s family first came to America from Europe. The trailer also showed Maura, Tambor’s character, reaching out to her sister in the hopes of seeing their mother, as well as a wedding for two key characters from Season 1.

Given how well the writers did sitting shiva and a non bat mitzvah in season 1, the wedding in season 2 will surely be a dramatic highlight.