“#FreeTheBacon” — Kevin Bacon Advocates for More Male Nudity in Hollywood


In a partial-spoof PSA posted on Mashable, Kevin Bacon looks to amend flagrant disproportionality of gendered nudity in film: he begins by speaking of the gratuitous display of the female body compared with the dearth of men’s bodies.His subsequent proposal is not a puritanical one about a reduction of nudity, but rather of asking that Hollywood and all its male stars take action to “#FreeTheBacon.”

Though it may sound, from the nature of the hashtag, that this is yet another euphemism being used at a time when explicitness is what Bacon himself is asking, he very quickly clarifies that he’s doing no such thing. “By bacon,” he explains, “I mean your weiner, your balls, and your butt.”

The actor implores Game of Thrones to, in their bounty of sex scenes, throw a “weiner” in from time to time, at which point the video veers into spoof territory, quickly becoming a transparent attempt to get his own “thin strip of salted and smoked meat” (thanks Merriam -Webster!) more screen time. He says, “Let me be on the show, I’ll play a naked wizard or something.”

He then recalls his own full frontal scene in Wild Things to set an example to show actors it’s not that hard (wink. Oy.) He also asks why 50 Shades never included a penis, and suggests that he could play Christian Grey next time around, and the whole film could be a closeup of his own member.

The video finds its humor in exaggerating exhibitionistic desires, while also highlighting an actual issue of Hollywood gender inequality. Watch: