Art to Sink Your Teeth Into: Our Favorite Edible Creations


All across the globe, at all hours of the day, a child somewhere is playing with his food. Luckily for us, some of those kids grow up and continue to do so, providing us with some of the craziest — and most enticing — meals good enough to frame. We love to look at them so we scoured the internet to find our favorites, and, well, now we’re just hungry. A look at some more of the most delectable, edible, and scrumdiddlyumptious pieces of art after the jump.

When these images came across our computer screens via Hello Beautiful! this morning one thought came to mind: a chocolate-colored sofa would go really well with that new ottoman we scored at that flea market on Saturday. But a chocolate-covered couch is a much better upgrade.

Is there anything that the Japanese can’t do? From the looks of these bento boxes, the answer might be no. And if you think these are wild, you are not alone. [via Weburbanist]

The game itself may have stumped as kids (and, by “as kids” we mean a couple of weeks ago) but we know exactly how to tackle this edible brainteaser. No illegal peeling of stickers necessary. [via Bits & Pieces]

A portrait of Marilyn Monroe made up entirely of Smarties? So. Many. Blonde. Jokes. [via Metro UK]

Just Eat It. [via Dark Roasted Blend]

Bon Appetit!