Will a Spice Girls Reunion Spice Up Our Lives in 2016?


It’s enough to make you really wanna zig-a-zig-ah! Just under 20 years ago, “Wannabe” was the Spice Girl’s breakout hit. Now, as the anniversary date approaches, talk of a reunion is getting louder. Melanie Brown, aka, Mel B. appeared on the Today Show yesterday and said she’d be happy to “gather the troops” for a demonstration of their amassed girl (or woman, now) power. Via Billboard:

“When you say it’s our twentieth anniversary coming up, it does make you think, ‘Oh, my gosh, it really has been that long.” she said. “Hopefully, we’ll gather the troops around, and we’ll get to do something to celebrate it next year. It’s in my plan, I don’t know about anybody else’s.”

“I’ve got so many great memories. I got to tour the world with four of my best friends — even today we still all support each other. We like each other, and that’s the most important part,” Mel. B said.

Other members of the group have also expressed excitement about the prospect. Indeed, the previous Spice Girls reunion tour, “The Return of the Spice Girls” launched the clicks of thousands upon thousands of ironic and non-ironic instagrams, so the ladies have good incentive to try it again. Message to the other Spice Girls: All that we want from you, is a promise you will be there — say you will be there!