Louis CK Is Shadowing Mayor Bill de Blasio for Two Days for a Mysterious Comedy Project


Louis CK is following New York mayor Bill de Blasio around town for two days — and it’s all in the name of research, for what the New York Times calls an “unspecified project.”

Given the New York-centric angst of Louie, it’s wouldn’t seem completely absurd for Louis CK to want to look deeper into the minutia of the city politics that inspire some of the problems brought center-stage in FX series. Except that the projects are, according to him, in no way related.

CK appears quite committed to his research for his mysterious project, traveling around in the Mayor’s SUV and immersing himself in the seeming unfunniness of a state board budget meeting and a community policing rally. But as for what this is all for, CK seems as puzzled as anyone. “I can’t [share any details], because I don’t know what it is yet…I’m just messing around with something, and we’ll see what happens…I have no idea if it’s going to happen,” said the comedian to the Times.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, meanwhile, believes the project has potential. Actually, according to him, “there’s a lot of comedy at City Hall,” and since this city and its infrastructure are already the butt of so many jokes, its mayor probably knows best.