Watch: Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg Parody the Gendered Questions They’re Asked During Press Junkets


Mere days after Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara were subjected to a respectively racist and sexist line of questioning during a Fantastic Four press junket, Funny or Die has released a new video, which sees Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg skewering the all-too-typical inanity of the questions asked during these promotional rapid-fire interviews. But in actuality it’s probably not that Funny or Die’s video was impeccably timed — it’s rather that, as Flavorwire’s Jason Bailey recently emphasized, interviews like this happen all the damn time.

And it’s a fate that Kristen Stewart (who’s surely been plagued by the worst of interview questions in being the star of Twilight) is likely once again facing, with the August 21 release of the action/weed comedy, American Ultra. The Funny or Die video allows the star to comically express how fed up she is — and likely most women in Hollywood are — with the questions they get asked. Here, the premise is that the studio thought it’d be “fun if [she and Eisenberg] interviewed each other,” and so the two of them pose questions that reflect the gendered interrogations they’re used to.

Stewart asks Eisenberg, “Are you seeing anyone?” “Are you pregnant?” “Do you get any work done, like a particular peel to look vibrant and young?” “What about your boobs? Do they ever slip out accidentally and is that funny or awkward?” While Eisenberg asks Stewart what her favorite sports scene is and if she ever gets aroused during her sex scenes.

Watch the video, via Funny or Die: