‘Homme Less,’ Jon Stewart, and Digital Anxiety: Links You Need to See


While NYC awaits news following the postponement of a briefing on a new homelessness initiative, Homme Less, an original documentary about living homeless in NYC, could be especially informative. Learn more about the film (directed by Thomas Wirthensohn) — and its arrival at a time when NYC has the largest population in shelters since the Great Depression in the New York Review of Books. If you you’re not feeling in the mood for a film, however, check out WIRED’s guide to ever-expanding world of podcasts, or a web-series, like Amelia Umuhire’s Polyglot, which centers around creative people of color in Berlin.

In light of Jon Stewart’s retirement from The Daily Show, Digg has made “The Daily Show Family Tree,” a video that reminisces on the history of stellar correspondents and contributors whose careers the beloved program helped launch. You might find yourself wanting, in these final evenings with Stewart, to recall even the less memorable things the host has done, like fighting against the use of Kaiser rolls on egg sandwiches.

But while it’s tempting to keep one’s eyes set on The Daily Show — and you can continue to do so here and here — life continues in the outside world, like at Arby’s, which Jon Stewart often “trashed” on The Daily Show. But actually beyond Stewart there are lovely new developments, like Macklemore’s song written for his newborn daughter, and odd new developments like these iPhone-charging jeans, weed-delivering drones in San Francisco, and Lexus hoverboards. But if such tech phenomena are anxiety-inducing for you, Adult Magazine’s Fiona Duncan has shared a few ideas on Dazed about how to quell “digital-induced anxiety.”