Swoon Over Jon Stewart and Louis CK Swooning Over One Another on ‘The Daily Show’


Louis CK took a break from shadowing NYC Mayor de Blasio to “be [Jon Stewart’s] last dude,” as he put it, appearing on The Daily Show‘s penultimate episode to “represent comedy.” But ultimately, he ended up mostly praising Stewart’s influence on the world of yuks, calling the show “one of the great comedy accomplishments of all time.” Overall, the whole interview was an exceedingly sweet exchange of flattery between two people who you’d actually want to see flatter each other.

Stewart responded earnestly to Louis’ large compliment, saying that his tendency is to uncomfortably “deflate, but when it’s someone [he] love[s] and respect[s] who says that, it means the world.” Though Louis then joked that they were going to make the audience vomit, it seemed, rather, that the two were simply making them swoon with their verbal display of affection.

The two also recalled seeing one another at the Comedy Cellar (which they both recently revisited on the same night) early in their careers, and turned the conversation to the next iteration of The Daily Show:

Stewart: What’s exciting to me about Trevor [Noah] being able to do this is it gives people who like this show a chance to fall in love again. CK: Cause falling in love starts with ‘who the fuck is this,’ Stewart: And love, in a late night show is like — you’re already in bed. So a new guy walks in, and you think like, I thought I loved Jon, but I guess more as a friend. Like, ‘I wanna fuck Trevor’s show.’

Watch the interview: