Ryan Adams Covers All of ‘1989’ With T-Swift’s Glowing Approval, Records “Saddest Version of ‘Welcome to New York’ Ever”


This morning, Ryan Adams filled his Twitter and Instagram accounts with a series of small but potent pronouncements: he’s currently in the midst of recording covers of all of Taylor Swift’s 1989, and was dropping the news seemingly mid-recording.

In one of his earliest posts, Adams shared a photo of the recording session with his band, and noted that the whole thing is in the style of The Smiths. (Interestingly, their last studio album was released in 1987, so perhaps this is a “what if their follow-up to Strangeways, Here We Come included ‘Welcome to New York’ and a diss track potentially about Katie Perry?” bit of musical fan fiction).

Between all of these social media posts, Taylor Swift herself caught on, and tweeted her flabbergasted approval at Adams, which led him to tease with a clip of the “guaranteed saddest version of ‘Welcome to New York’ ever.”

Check out how the whole, wonderfully long-winded announcement unfolded below, and catch the “Welcome to New York” clip at the bottom: