‘Parks and Rec’ and ‘GoT’ Are Finally One: Links You Need to See


Perhaps at this point it’s safe to say that you’re over Jon Snow’s death (or perhaps more likely, non-death). And perhaps it’s also safe to say that the hole left by the end of Parks and Recreation is finally closing up. Well. Should you want to reopen — and even connect! — old wounds, Decider has a new video that sees GoT‘s opening reimagined as that of Parks and Recreation, which would surely please GoT megafan Ben Wyatt, if he hadn’t been stabbed to death by the Night’s Watch…oh wait.

One TV show that seeks to steep audiences in misery even when someone isn’t dying is The Leftovers, and perhaps because the show’s unremitting sense of despair didn’t completely pay off in the first season, the second has shifted locations entirely. It’s now in a (falsely?) cozy town called Miracle, which — unlike the rest of the globe — experienced no “departures.” The first full trailer is available here; don’t worry, things are still pretty bleak — bleaker, according to some. For respite from all that, check out the New York Times Magazine‘s in-depth piece on a “nonconformist LGBT commune” — thankfully far more worthy of your time than the Times’ other recent piece about a “commune.”

In other trailer news, a new trailer for Noah Baumbach/Greta Gerwig’s new film, Mistress America was released today, and it…still looks cute! In conjunction with the film’s upcoming release, The Guardian has posted a long feature on Gerwig.

Should you find yourself looking for other forms of brief, fragmentary media (who isn’t!), today saw the release of a couple music videos that are worth a watch. Of Montreal released a stop-motion video of a band of wooden cutout Skeletons and Bunnies playing their song, “Last Rites at the Jane Hotel,” and Autre Ne Veut released a wonderfully disturbing video for his song, “World War Pt. 2,” in which a bald, naked body (played by dancer Macy Sullivan) has latched on to his own bald, naked body. It’s, as you may expect, a lot of bald nakedness. Stereogum writes of the moment in the video pictured above, “the closeup of Sullivan’s face as her eyes go wide and she screams out the high-pitched vocal sample is burned into your brain, and will forever pop up when you listen to this song.” Yup.