Scott Rudin Is Producing ‘The Crucible’ on Broadway, Starring Saoirse Ronan and Scored by Philip Glass


Arthur Miller’s classic Salem Witch Trial-set, McCarthyism-allegorizing The Crucible is returning to Broadway, thanks to EGOT-winning producer Scott Rudin and the renowned and innovative theatre director, Ivo Van Hove (seemingly immediately following his direction of David Bowie’s The Man Who Fell to Earth adaptation).

The cast is just as compelling as its producer and director, with Saiorse Ronan playing Abigail Williams, the antagonist who partakes in rituals in the forest as an amusing adolescent pastime (but when rumors start to fly about witchcraft leading to the Reverend’s daughter’s illness, Abigail pits the town against itself with a strategic system of accusations). Ben Whishaw is also starring. He’ll play John Proctor, Abigail’s former lover who becomes embroiled in the trials when Abigail accuses his wife of witchcraft. Sophie Okendo will play his wife, Elizabeth. Ciaran Hinds has been cast as Deputy-Governor Danforth, who oversees the trials. (Miller once said of this character that “His ‘evil’ spirit is more than personal, it is nearly mythical. He does more evil than he knows how to do; while merely following his nose he guards ignorance, he is man’s limit”).

The play will be scored by Philip Glass, costume designed by An D’Huys and set designed by Jan Versweyveld. Though the 20-week production still hasn’t sealed a theater to reside in, its dates are already set: previews begin Feb. 29 of next year and the play opens on April 7.