Ryan Adams Tantalizes With More Clips of ‘1989’ Covers: Links You Need to See


Director Marielle Heller’s Diary of A Teenage Girl is out in theaters today, and to celebrate its release, Entertainment Weekly published a list of canonical movies — ranging from Hedwig and the Angry Inch to Eternal Sunshine to Harold and Maude — that inspired Heller throughout her creation of the film. In other news of artists finding inspiration in other artists’ work, Ryan Adams has continued to substantiate his recent promise of The Smiths-style covers of all of Taylor Swift’s 1989: he shared clips of “Out of the Woods” and “All You Had to Do Was Stay.”

And since Smiths-style covers of an album called 1989 may seem very much of this nostalgic era, let’s switch gears and turn to art whose relevance isn’t at all linked to its period. Check out The Guardian‘s list of 10 author-selected books that are “not of an age, but for all time.” Since they’re timeless, you’ll have the rest of your life to read them, but it doesn’t hurt to get cracking sooner than later.

will.i.am and Lexus have (re)joined forces to create a real life road-game to promote the 2015 Lexus NX, described in Dummy Magazine as “an innovative new audio-visual display, taking place on a gigantic musical stave” that sees “three stunt drivers as the players and will.i.am as the conductor. Music is created when the cars trigger notes and samples by hitting motion-sensitive beams of light.” In the video posted in the article, will.i.am shows how the features of the game are brought to the raceway track.

With time off being scarce in the American workforce, not everyone has the privilege of taking a summer vacation; VICE arranged a visual guide of what the Americans who are managing to get away — even for brief road trips — are up to. For those living in New York, you might want to make sure you’re back home (again, not hard, given the paucity of vacation days) come the end of the summer, when Broadway’s 2015-2016 season will go into full swing. Take a look at Variety’s gallery of the most promising shows, all of which will have to compete with the very acclaimed historical hip-hop musical, Hamilton, which just hit Broadway.